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“Overall, this is a great learning tool for younger kids. If you are looking for a way to teach your children letters, then this is a great app to have.”

Make A Scene presents Animal Alphabet, a fun way for children to learn the alphabet and phonics. It is ideal for pre-school age children and those currently in early years education. It can be used as a teaching aid to help young children learn the letter names and sounds.

The application contains two different modes, one for learning phonic sounds and one for learning letter names. Each set of flash cards teaches the letters A to Z and is accompanied by a fun animal character from the ‘Make A Scene’ series of animated sticker book apps.

The phonics section keeps things deliberately simple and shows a single letter and animal. When the letter is touched the phonic sound is read aloud, when the animal is touched its name is read aloud.

In the alphabet section both uppercase and lowercase forms of each letter are shown to help the child recognise the correct letter formation. When touched the letter name is read loud. The name of the animal is also displayed and read aloud when touched. When the animal is touched it animates and makes the sound effect of that animal.

Each section also has a handy shortcut menu so you can jump to any position within the alphabet and a soundboard displaying characters a-z which when pressed read out the corresponding letter name or sound.

The app is designed to be easy to use and all menus and buttons are child friendly. They will love all the bright and colourful animal pictures along with the sounds and interactivity. It is sure to keep them entertained for quite some time while they learn at the same time.

The font has been specifically chosen to ensure children learn the correct letter formation.

Tested by children and endorsed by teachers!


Another quality app. My 5 year old is just learning phonics in school so this is perfect. He already loves the animals in the make a scene apps anyway. Best bit is the soundboard. He uses it to practice spelling stuff out. Great job.

Rebecca D

These make a scene apps are great!

Matthew C

We think you should check out the new Animal Alphabet Phonics release, its really fun and visually stunning as well.

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