Hopefully you’ll find answers to your questions here but if not, please get in touch.

How do I flip the objects?

You can flip an object simply by double tapping it.

Will you be making any more Make a Scene apps?

As long as people are enjoying our apps, we’re planning on making more! We’re normally running a poll to see what our followers would like to see next. Check out the poll page here.

How can I save an scene to my device?

Simply click the menu button on the bottom right of the scene, and then click the ‘snapshot’ button. An snapshot of the scene will be saved to the device’s photo album.

How can I scale and rotate the objects?

The scale is currently governed by how much you slide the object up and down the screen. We felt that, as this app is aimed at young children, this was the most intuitive method of scaling. We may add in rotation at some point but we thought that keeping things simple for the children was the best starting place.