What People Say

A BIG thank you to all our Customers

We love to hear what you think of our apps and are grateful for all the positive feedback we’ve received so far. Here are a selection of kind comments from some of our fans!


These make a scene apps are just plain great! Not only my kids love them, both my wife and I enjoy them just as much 🙂 The sound effects are a very nice touch. Please keep more make a scenes coming!
Eddie M


Best app ever! worth the $2.40 and 2 hour wait to activate visa card! My cousins love it, my stuffed mouse loves it, and my bearded dragon loves it!
Eddie M

Fairy Tales

Thank you so much for the apps. We read Cinderella, and then recreated it on the app. A strangely interesting and effective learning and reinforcing tool. Fantastic.
Mark S


My 16 mth old grandson loves this App. He loves all the different farm animals with their sounds and different scenes. A great find.
Terri P


Excellent and not just for the Toddlers. My 6 year old loves it!

Under The Sea

My 3 year old daughter LOVES this one the best. We have them all, and they are all great!
Alex K


I can’t stop buying these apps. Simply the best apps for your little one my 18 month old enjoys all of them and so do I!
Nicola M

Outer Space

We love all the “Make A Scene” apps! Such fun for the kiddos! They are especially great for keeping little ones entertained in the waiting room at doctors offices, etc. Money well-spent!
April A

Polar Adventure

Thank you! We are loving the Polar Adventure Make a scene! We have all of them now!! You guys ROCK!
Leah A


My 18-month old loves all of the Make a Scene apps that we have purchased.