Top Tips For Parents

As well as creating a useful tool allowing children to play and learn independently, we also aim to promote parent and child interaction. You will find below a selection of ideas to encourage mathematical development, creative language, sentence structure and enhanced use of vocabulary.

Mathematical Development

  • How many spots are on the cow?
  • Can you find four different animals?
  • Can you find three different birds?
  • Can you find the alien with four eyes?
  • Can you line up the aliens in order of their number of eyes?
Colours / Shapes / Sequences / Patterns
  • Where is the yellow fish?
  • Where is the stripy pig?
  • What shape is the moon?
  • How many points are there on the starfish?
  • (Parent: create a picture sequence e.g cow, pig, cow, pig)
    What comes next in the pattern?
  • Which is taller, the giraffe or the lion?
  • Can you find an animal that is smaller than a tiger?
  • Can you find a heavy/light animal?
  • Which is bigger, Jupiter or Earth?
  • Which is longer, the lizard or the crocodile?
Sorting / Classifying
  • (Parent: drag on 5 pigs and 5 ducks and position randomly)
    Can you put the cows in the field and the ducks in the pond?
  • Can you create a scene using just birds?

Language, Literacy and Communication Skills

Personal Expression
  • What is your favourite animal?
  • Would you like to visit outer space?
  • What is your favourite animal noise? Why is this your favourite?
Who? What? Why? When? Where?
  • Who is that person?
  • What will happen if the fox meets the chicken?
  • Why is the hen in the barn?
  • When will the fox come out?
  • Where is the best place for the duck to swim?
  • Put the bird ‘on top’ of the barn door
  • Place the cabbage ‘behind’ the carrot
  • Put the astronaut ‘inside’ the rocket
  • Place the chicken ‘underneath’ the cow
  • Put the gazelle calf ‘next to’ the gazelle
  • Listen to the theme music and tell me what you think is making the sounds?
  • (Parent: drag on 2 lions and 1 elephant. When on the stage, click them in sequence) 
    Listen to these sounds. Which sound is the odd one out?
  • Can you copy this sound?
Body Gestures
  • Can you wave like the farmer?
  • Can you beat your chest like the gorilla?
  • Can you dance like the Mayan man/woman?
  • Can you pinch like the crab?
  • Can you curtsey like Snow White?
  • Can you snap your teeth like the shark?
Letters, Words and Sentences
  • How many words can you think of to describe the tiger (e.g. orange, stripy, fierce, wild)
  • Can you finish my sentence? “The spotty cow…”
  • (Parent: Drag the tractor across the field) Can you tell me what the tractor is doing?
  • Can you think of a word that rhymes with cat?
  • Can you make a scene with things beginning with the letter ‘P’?
  • Can you make up a story with these objects?
Talking / Discussing
  • What are you doing now?
  • What are you going to do next?



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